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An Open Letter to Castek’ers …

An Open Letter to Castek’ers …

Dear Friends,

18 years after founding Castek, I will be moving on to new pursuits. From the very first experience of starting the company in 1990 with my founding business partners, Fay Wu and Dragan Kopunovic, bootstrapping its growth through our credit cards, and all of the thrills, chills and spills of an incredible journey through the most exciting times in history for our industry, the birthing of this company

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Facebook: Angel or Demon?

Massive Invasion of personal privacy? Or inevitable Portent of the Future?So Katrina turns me onto this Facebook phenomena several months ago, and my first instinct tells me that this platform is something which will have ramifications of almost biblical proportions (thus the references to angels and demons). The only question … is it a force for good or evil?It spreads in a pattern that resembles a pandemic, as the

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