On Leadership and Entrepreneurship …

So … I sat down with my friend, David Kinley several months ago at his request, to do an interview for his new podcast on leadership and entrepreneurship, The Riddick Show. David has been one of the top executive search practitioners in the tech industry over several decades, and a trusted partner for many of the companies that I have founded and invested into on both sides of the border.

I thought that this would be a quick meeting, to have a couple of laughs over a cup of java with an old friend who already knows me well. Little did I know … We went through questions which prompted reflections on:

“Why are women such a powerful formative force in your experience as a leader?”

“Are there parallels between your experience as an immigrant and your entrepreneurial journey?”

“What triggered you to turn to entrepreneurship, rather than a more traditional career path?”

“Are entrepreneurs born? Or are they developed?”

“You seem to embrace living with discomfort — and you get uncomfortable when things get too comfortable …”

“Challenge is what opens up Opportunity …”

“How do you navigate systems that are rigged against you?”

“To fit in, or not to fit in … that is the question!”

“What is the playbook to always be a market maker — not a market taker?”

“Fail Fast vs. NFQ”

Take a listen, if you have some time to kill on a treadmill … I found it to be a cathartic interview process, and maybe there are some themes that resonate for others whom are on a similar journey.

Thanks David, for your persistence in getting me to do this :-).