An Open Letter to Castek’ers …

Dear Friends,

18 years after founding Castek, I will be moving on to new pursuits. From the very first experience of starting the company in 1990 with my founding business partners, bootstrapping its growth through our credit cards, and all of the thrills, chills and spills of an incredible journey through the most exciting times in history for our industry, the birthing of this company and the opportunity to work with each of you have been amongst the most important, formative experiences of my life.

Together, we have been able to make a difference in our industry, and in each other’s lives. An Open Letter to Castek'ers ...
We have invented the future together … we have grown up together … we have built a foundation and won many hard-fought campaigns together — these are the ties that bind.

It has been a privilege and an honor to have served as your CEO, and I am grateful for all of the support that employees, customers, partners and shareholders have provided me and the company through the past 18 years. As they say, all good things come to an end, but each ending is also a new beginning. Castek is not my first company, nor will it be my last — as all of you know or suspect, I have always been a far better entrepreneur than an employee :-). That being said, we built Camelot when we built Castek, and this company and the people that built it with me will always hold an honored place in my memories.

I wish each of you all the best, as you go forward within Oracle. This is a wonderful final chapter in the Castek story, to see our collective dreams of achieving global leadership in our space realized, and I will be very excited to follow your future progress.

My very best wishes for much continued success !!
Yung Wu.

  • As an old friend of CASTEK I'd like to add a comment as well. I first met Yung and the CASTEK family in 1993/94. I'll never forget walking into the premises in Toronto and marvelling at the pioneering spirit and creativity and enthusiasm of that early team. It left a lasting impression on me and one I also cherish. Such companies are rare. I too built such a company in South Africa (although a Canadian) and I too arrived at the treshold that Yung has now arrived at. I know how difficult it can be but also share in the excitement of your new beginning.Good luck to Yung, Fay and all the team. I'm sure I haven't heard the last of you!

  • Just think of the past 18 years as an amazing trial run. Now you get to do it again!! Castek was an amazing run… from the small company I joined in 1994 to its peak it was your passion and drive that helped mold the company, its people, vision and spirit. I have no doubt that you will always remain the "spiritual" leader of the company.Yung, as one of the many people who was touched by the experience allow me to say THANK *YOU*! Good luck in your future endevours.

  • YungWe circled the globe together, worked round the clock several times and to use a sports catch phrase, enjoyed 'the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat'. The thrills, chills and spills were all worth it. Character built through fire gives strength and sharpness. I owe a lot to you and appreciate your leadership of Castek through thick and thin. Thanks and good luck!Tom

  • Dear Yung,From our time in the trenches at the First Inter-State Bank in Los Angeles, the basement offices at DMR, and to the modern offices at Castek, my admiration and awe for your talent, brilliance, leadership, tenacity and ability to connect with people never wavered. We all know that you are destined for greatness, so enjoy the ride(s). You just got off one giant roller-coaster. Now go and get on an even bigger one. We will cheer you on.Thanks a million for the opportunities and your friendship. Keep in touch!Geny & Ester

  • Thank you for your comments … stories for each of you flood my memories, as I read each of your notes (too many to recount here), but I'll be sure to make a note of my favourite recollections for "the book" :-). All the best guys, and yes, our paths will DEFINITELY cross again (hopefully many times !!). Cheers … Yung.