Enterprise innovation cycle (the next “wave” on a Rising Tide)

Most Enterprises have taken their medicine over the past 4 years, since the big crash of 2008, and don’t have much more room to optimize performance through cuts and austerity measures alone. Our bets are that Enterprises are cautiously and selectively starting to explore CAPX and strategic investments — especially in areas that can drive customer acquisition and growth. New innovations in the consumer space (social media, mobile internet, digital goods and digital distribution, location-based marketing, adoption of cloud based tools) will all find their way into the enterprise in various forms in this next wave of adoption — perhaps even displacing incumbent suppliers who cannot adapt quickly enough in the process.

Enterprise Social

Change is always hard, but it is also inevitable. Yesterday’s monolithic, proprietary legacy tools and infrastructure will give way to newer, more open ways of doing business, with newer, more open tools — driven by the one thing that enterprises cannot ignore — the need to stay relevant and important to their ultimate customers.

So yes, we believe that there is an important opportunity for fresh blood in the supplier ecosystem, and a real market opportunity developing for new entrants without the baggage of legacy products, processes and infrastructure.


Look for Enterprise adoption of social and mobile solutions to be the next major surge in the rising tide of internet enabled business innovation.