Plan for the Worst … Hope for the Best !!

Most entrepreneurs that I have met have the innate gift of being able to “Hope for the best”, to suspend disbelief and to trust in their personal ability to build successes out of their ideas. Their belief in their ability to turn “perceived limitations” into “enabled possibilities” is a key trait that fuels entrepreneurs to travel where others fear to tread … to take on new challenges and to build start-ups that most others overlook or dismiss outright.

However, start-ups are just that — the beginning. I’ve also found that those that are able to turn start-ups into business successes have the ability to “Plan for the Worst”. There are no guarantees, especially in the entrepreneurial journey, and having the ability to anticipate problems, the flexibility to incorporate new learnings at every step, and the willingness to constantly adapt and grow are key to ultimately polishing an idea into real business success.

My personal motto … always “Plan for the Worst, and Hope for the Best”.