Cybersecurity: The Dark side of Connectivity …

What do Target, Adobe, Home Depot, Primera Blue Cross, Anthem Health Insurance, Sony, JP Morgan Chase … and Ashley Madison have in common?

They’ve all been victims of targeted, malicious and well planned cyber attacks.

Check out the Kapersky threat map below … it’s an interesting real-time visualization showing cyber attacks around the world, illustrating origins and targets.  Helps to put the magnitude of the cyberattack risk into perspective — something that Boards need to be aware of and monitoring.

Just click on the graphic below, and give it a few seconds to load and start the data flow.

The point of this, is that whether you are Adobe, Target or Ashley Madison … the over-riding assumption that must be made by Boards and Managers is that you will be targeted, and you will be breached.  The focus needs to shift beyond Prevention, and onto Detection and Business escalation … with Board oversight.  The attacks can have “bet your company” consequences.